Durga Devi, a member of 5th Pillar, purchased a car at a dealership in Velachery recently. The dealer quoted Rs 80,428 as the "Road tax and registration fees" to which she agreed and continued with the purchase. She was asked to come after few days to get the registration and tax documents. When Durga went to collect the bills/reciepts on March 25th, 2015 she found receipts from the RTO Tambaram tallying only up to Rs. 61,796.

The 5th Pillar team accompanied Durga to the Tambaram RTO office and filed a complaint to this effect specifying that the dealership has overcharged quoting bribe payment to Tambaram RTO. The team intends to escalate this as a campaign by approaching the Commissioner of Transport as it is a wide spread problem across the state.

In 10 days, Rs.15,818 out was refunded to through a demand by the Car Dealer This was possible only because she asked the right questions & resorted to complete non-cooperation with both the car dealer and the RTO officials when they tried to convince her to "settle the deal" by making counter offers and forcing her to come to the office somehow to urge her to let go of the issue.