Mr. Kathavarayan, a 72 year old residing in Villupuram District (Then Alambakkam village) had applied for Indira Gandhi Old Age Pension that is granted for people below the poverty line.

After many months, Mr. Kathavarayan was informed by a clerk at the Dindivanam Tahsildar office that the scheme was closed. Kathavarayan sent a letter to the Chief Minister's office on June 25, 2008, begging for special consideration as he had no means to survive. Receiving no response, he sent another letter to the CM's office on March 9, 2009 also with no reply.

During one of our campaigns, Mr. Kathavarayan, received one of our Zero Rupee Notes and contacted our office. We filed an RTI petition on his behalf, attaching all communications to the CM's office and his application. In short time, Mr. Kathavarayan received his pension.